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Director | DOP | Droner Pilot

Vlogger & Speaker

I am addicted to observing life up-close : every character, every situation, every sound and every details around me. I approach every project with creativity, passion and enthusiasm. Check out a few examples of my work below.

Event Promotional Reel

Event Promotional Showreel

April 16, 2018

Business Videos Showreel

April 15, 2018

Hotel And Resort Videos Showreel

April 15, 2018

Timelapse Videos Showreel

April 12, 2018


I work directly with clients, taking their video projects from inception all the way through to final delivery. I love nothing more than working with a client to come up with a really strong idea for a video, and being able to work through every stage of the project until it is realised.


DOP / Videographer

I work on freelance basis with companies across South East Asia and internationally. I have all required equipment consisting of a micro-four thirds system and am able to outsource additional equipments as per clients need. Whether your project is a Corporate Video, A Commercial Piece or A Documentary Film, I have the skills, equipment and creativity to get it done.


Working at business-to-business rates, I can provide a full video production service, from pre-production all the way through to delivery. This allows marketing individuals, producers, companies and non profit organizations to get a combined packaged for their production needs.

Drone Pilot

Been into it ever since i got my hands on the Mavic Air..  I already loved going places and exploring and this gives me yet another push to explore. So far I have 50+ hours of airtime and to keep it small, simple yet professional at the moment i am using Mavic Ai.


I Simply love sharing what I know whether its to a classroom, event, conference or just a meetup. I am always excited about news ways of being able to develop, market and show case your work an of course to make it all come together.


Vlogger / Travel Blogger

So we come across so many things that others experience to. Why not share that so that people would benefit from you experience. Although I have been sharing ideas publicly for ages but here through my blog I will share them all in one place as I come across them.

The way I feel about myself is always excellent because I share my knowledge and follow my passions with love.  Take a moment to browse through some of my recent thoughts and experiences.

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