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Artist Statement

I want to share the faces, the feelings and the realities of human issue through my lens. Studying life unconsciously has become a habit and capturing moments is and will always be a passion. I believe this fascination has led me to be who I am today. My camera has allowed me to snap, record, and share that which is meaningful. At this point my work reflects my exploration with different types of visual storytelling. It speaks about my thoughts, feelings and my beliefs; about our culture, society, life, humanity, and ultimately the Universe.

I Discover; I Shoot; I Create!

Journey Through Photographs


I am Oz – A Director, Producer, DOP, Drone Pilot, Vlogger and Speaker. I have created over 700+ videos including Ads, travel, corporate, business, event promos, music, animated, documentary and non-profit organization videos.

I manage my video production company, The Paradox Studio, in Malaysia, Brazil and Pakistan

Additionally I produce travel videos, food reviews and share industry knowledge.


Panasonic Lumix GH3, Dji Osmo Plus, Dji Mavic Air & GoPro Hero 3 – Black Edition


Panasonic 14-140mm, Panasonic 20mm 1.7 Pancake, Panasonic 35-100 2.8, Canon 50mm 1.4


Zoom H2n and H1 Zoom – Stereo Field Recorder, Rode Video Pro Mic & Rode Colar mic, Panda Lavalier Lapel

Filters & Lights

UV, CPL, FD-1, ND Filter, Macro LED Ring Light, 3 X 126 LED Light with different shades (Others Lights can be arranged as per need)


Mefoto Travel Tripod, Sirui Video Monopod, 100GB+ Memory & 3 X 2 Batteries

Work Flow

Adobe After Effects CC 2018, Premiere Pro CC 2018, Magic Bullet Looks, Adobe Audition CC 2018, Adobe Ligthroom 5 on Apple Macbook Pro 15 Inches Retina

Still want to know more about me? Feel free to Contact me.